Mining Dark Data for Operational Intelligence

There are over one billion professionally installed cameras worldwide (IHS), yet less than 1% of these feeds are analyzed, most streams are recorded without any structure created endless streams Dark Data (Gartner). Realwave is purposed-built to eliminate Dark Data from the enterprise, unlocking the enormous value of surveillance insight by analyzing all camera and integrated device data feeds, 24/7. Using an embedded Deep Learning engine, Realwave analyzes all operational data to learn, tag, and alert on priority operational exceptions.

Secure Video Access

Ultra-low latency and secure.  Access your video anytime, anywhere on any device.  Our call home feature creates a secure virtual connection without the need for port forwarding or a VPN for true end-to-end secure data and video delivery.

Operational Intelligence

Let Realwave be your virtual manager by turning video recorders into video reporters with real-time alerts on your business from point-of-sale to access control and alarms. It’s business made easy.

Realtime Exception Monitoring

We virtually learn and monitor your operations 24/7.  All priority exceptions are messaged to responsible parties with links to pre/post-event clips.  One secure cloud repository for all critical events.

Save Time,
Increase Profit,
and Gain Peace of Mind

Put control in the palm of your hand. Most businesses absorb losses in inventory, transactions, theft etc. With Realwave’s intelligent video and exception monitoring you can gain while having the peace of mind that comes with full control.

Intelligent Video is 20x More Efficient

Remote Auditors + Video Cameras
Video Cameras Only

What is Realwave?

Realwave provides an elegant, easy to use portal to view real time video content based on data collected from the various systems in the enterprise. This revolutionary cloud based solution is quick to install, leverages existing infrastructure and applies cutting edge technology, AI/ML & analytics to automate & maximize your video surveillance application.

Your Virtual Manager

By utilizing Realwave Edge Cloud services you are bringing on more than a manager.  Our automated surveillance service analyzes all video and operational data to curate interesting events for you so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Experience the Realwave Edge Cloud today.


    By integrating access controls and POS, receive immediate alerts to suspicious activity or potential policy violations.  Address the event quickly and move on without delays or being shrouded with false accusations.


    Our intelligent video finds what’s most interesting and delivers it to you on any device. Make instant decisions based on real surveillance and intelligence. Smart Video means smart business.

Realwave – Intelligent Video Surveillance Cloud

There are over 1 billion cameras worldwide and over 99% of the footage is never reviewed. Realwave provides...

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